The centre has a wide range of steel structure production for the assembly of production halls, warehouses, bridge structures, footbridges, special structures for technology assembly and construction locksmith products. 

We do:

  • load-bearing constructions of production halls
  • load-bearing constructions of storage halls
  • steel roof trusses, advertising pylons
  • constructions for half-timbered masonry
  • production of bulk storage silos
  • assembly of bridge cranes
  • production and assembly of outdoor and indoor steel staircases
  • structural security of constructions by steel structures 
  • production and assembly of bridge structures
  • production and assembly of footbridges
  • outdoor and indoor ramps
  • production and assembly of columns for cableways
  • galvanizing of structures
  • surface finishes according to the customer’s requirements
  • production of special products according to customer’s requirements
  • processing of reinforcement to foundations
  • precise CNC plasma cutting up to 10mm
  • precise CNC plasma cutting up to 35mm
  • precise bending by CNC press brake 200t
  • bending of sheets and profiles up to 10mm of thickness
  • oxy-fuel cutting up to 100mm
  • refurbishment of products, structures
  • fencing of premises
  • mobile gates
  • protective outdoor shelters
  • horizontal cutter machining
  • trailer production
  • paddle boat production, incl. certificates



  • VANAD CNC plasma cutting machine, bench size 3x1.5m, thickness of cut material up to 12mm
  • VANAD CNC plasma cutting machine in combination with Vanad oxy-fuel cutting, bench
    - size 3x1.5m
    - thickness of material to be cut – plasma 35mm, oxy-fuel 100mm
  • Sheet metal bending machine – thickness of 10mm
  • 200t Press brake, 4m long
  • Lathe
  • Milling Machine
  • Sheet metal shears up to 3mm of thickness
  • Sheet metal saw
  • Sheet metal bender up to 3mm of thickness
  • Edge Adjuster
  • Beading machine
  • CO2 welding machines
  • Arc welding machines
  • Tig welders
  • Shaper

Our Steel Structures Division offers complete services in the field of production and assembly of steel structures of halls, including sheathing. According to the customer’s wish, we will design the type, shape and size of the structure. Based on the initial study, we prepare and arrange,

  • Project documentation
  • Implementing documentation
  • Structural calculation of structure
  • Building permit
  • Documents needed for final approval


The actual production of structures takes place in our halls equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure adequate quality according to:

  • CSN EN ISO 9001:2009
  • CSN EN ISO 14001:2005
  • CSN EN ISO 18001:2008
  • CSN EN ISO 3834-2:2006

Use of steel halls –

  • Production halls
  • Storage halls
  • Halls for use in agriculture
  • Sports halls (riding halls, stands) 
  • Sheds

Surface treatment of structures

  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Coating (synthetic, polyurethane)
  • Powder coating

Railings, staircases, gates
We produce and install railings, staircases for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Type and shape according to the investor and project documentation.

Railings, staircases

  • Exterior, interior
  • Railing fillings – glass, rib laths, rods
  • Stair steps and landing design – industrial grating, perforated sheet
  • Used material – steel, stainless steel

Gates, fences

  • Surface treatment of structures
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Coating (synthetic, polyurethane)
  • Powder coating

For precise production we provide our own measurements for correct design and structural assessment.

Technological units

We produce technological units for various operations according to the requirements and wishes of the investor.
Especially conveyors, crushers, etc.
We will process the production documentation of the units according to the project.

Locksmith products
According to your requirements, we will design and manufacture most of the locksmith products, including delivery and installation. We produce steel elements for the needs of various constructions.

For example:

  • Fire ladders
  • Technology platforms (e.g., HVAC equipment, gas pipelines, etc.)
  • Elements for installation of technologies (e.g., roof replacements) 
  • Steel roof trusses
  • Anchoring elements for concrete
  • Protective grilles
  • Fencing gates and structures, handrails
  • Small steel elements according to construction drawings.

Sheet metal and profile processing
We also offer shaping plasma and oxy-fuel cutting of sheets, bending and cutting of materials. The cutting takes place on a total of 2 CNC cutting machines. Vanad plasma machine for plasma cutting.

Machine specifications:
Vanad Proxima – bench size 3.0*1.5m

  • Powermax cutting source 1000m, thickness of cut material 0.5–10mm
  • Powermax cutting source 1000m, thickness of cut material 0.5–10mm

Due to the increasing demands of customers, we have purchased a new cutting machine by Eckert, which ensures top quality cuts together with the High Definition Hypertherm 260xD. Furthermore, the machine allows cutting of various shapes into pipes.

Eckert Jantar – bench size 6.0*2.5m

  • Powermax 85 cutting source – thickness of cut material 0.5–10mm;
  • Hypertherm 260xD
  • cutting source – thickness of cut material 5–64mm;
  • Oxy-fuel cutting
  • Thickness of cut material up to 150mm;
  • Drilling
  • Diameter of 6mm up to 1/3 of material thickness, e.g., for preparing threads, drilled holes, etc.,
  • diameter of processed pipes from 50 to 500mm

We use Lantek Expert 2012, Lantek Flex 3D, Wrykrys and the CAD software ProgeCad Profi 2013 to create cutting programmes. The drawings for processing from customers are dwg, dxf, pdf; other formats also possible by agreement, according to the shape.

We guarantee a short delivery time.

For sheet metal bending we use Hydraulic press 200t up to 4m of length; a new CNC mechanical press 250t for lengths up to 6m was acquired due to customer’s requirements also in this case.

We will be pleased to provide you with the production possibilities of thickness and length of bent materials; see the contacts.

We use Semi-automatic NC saw to cut material.

Pegas Gonda 500*750 HORIZONTAL
Semi-automatic double column band saw with full hydraulic control. The saw is designed for cutting material in perpendicular and angular cuts; angular cuts continuously adjustable from -60 to 0 to the left and from 0 to +60 degrees to the right. It enables cutting of a wide range of materials, including stainless steel and tool steels, non-ferrous and light metals, both profiles and semi-finished products.


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Preparation of steel structures, programming of burning centers
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Receiving small orders
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