We provide HVAC project documentation, production and installation. We have experienced staff, divided into installation groups, for installing HVAC. In addressing most of our customers’ requirements, we rely on the use of proven products.

  • elaboration of HVAC project documentation,
  • project documentation discussion and approval, production of piping,
  • shaped parts,
  • delivery and installation of HVAC filters 


  • delivery and installation of fans,
  • delivery and installation of high-performance units by various suppliers,
  • delivery and installation of high-performance units by various suppliers with heat recovery,
  • supply air heating,
  • production and assembly of cyclones for sawmills, joinery


  • measurement and regulation (MaR),
  • warranty and post-warranty service,
  • hot-air heating and distribution,
  • special products for HVAC 


  • delivery and installation of fire dampers by Mandík – incl. inspection,
  • fire insulation of ISOVER ORSIL pipes – trained workers,
  • compressor cooling equipment,
  • heat pumps


Ventilation is the process of changing or replacing air in an enclosed space with temperature control, while removing moisture, smell, smoke, excess heat, dust, surrounding bacteria, carbon dioxide and adding oxygen. Ventilation includes both outdoor air exchange and indoor air circulation. It is one of the most important factors in ensuring a good indoor air quality.

Heat recovery is the recovery of heat from the exhaust air and the subsequent transfer of this energy to fresh cool air, which is then led into the living quarters already preheated.

The controlled ventilation system with heat recovery consists of a unit and a conduit. By means of a conduit of different dimensions, depending on the amount of air required, fresh air from the external environment is supplied to the recovery unit and cooled exhaust air is conducted away from the recovery unit. The piping is located inside the layout of a building in such a way as to ensure a sufficient distribution of fresh air and a removal of degraded air e.g. from bathrooms, toilets, etc. Fresh, cool outdoor air is heated through the heat exchanger by the heat of waste air, thus saving energy for heating the building. This effect is reversed in the summer months, or the heat recovery unit can also be used to cool more if a direct evaporator is incorporated into the system.

Getting the right air is a complex process; many factors have to be considered to determine which equipment is best for a given building.  Our employees will assist you with getting through this process by visiting your offices or premises and suggesting the most appropriate solution for you. Our Company then provides not only the delivery of air conditioning units, but also their assembly, maintenance, repairs and full service.

We offer a professional installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and equipment from a number of well-established manufacturers, especially DAIKIN, FUJITSU, LG and TOSHIBA. Indoor air conditioning units can be wall, ceiling, sill, cassette and pipe. If necessary, we can also supply detached mobile units. We install air conditioning systems in all types of businesses, companies and homes.

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